The North Cohocton
United Methodist



A Word From
 The Pastor

   As I sit listening to the rain drops fall I think back over the hot, dry summer we experienced and I am reminded of the story of Moses in Exodus 17:1-17.  This cool, wet weather refreshes our earth, as God refreshes our spiritual selves.
   Moses got water the hard way.  First, he risked being stoned by the impatient people he led.  Second, he found himself driven to seek divine intervention.  Third, he had to search for a rock.  Finally, he had to strike the rock with a very special stick.  Finding water was an act of faith.
   All most of us have to do to find water is turn on the faucet.  Most of us have never lived in an area where water, the basis of life, is scarce, ,or a subject of daily concern.
   Think of the day, perhaps a hot one from this summer, when you grew very thirsty.  Remember the very moment the first sip of cool water hit your mouth.  Recall the sense of relief, of refreshment.  Can you recall a spiritual experience that felt like a cool drink of water?  Perhaps it was an answered prayer, an insight into Scripture, a real sense of God's presence.  Give thanks for all the ways God quenches our spiritual thirst.

Pastor Kathy                                     
October 2002